Internet access supplier and Wi-Fi network

Connect-on offers solutions for all your needs in terms of Internet connection.

With it expertise, Connect-on definite the necessary technology you need. Ever if it’s for a standard solution or custom-made project; ever for short or long term installation

Among the proposed solutions:

  • Creation of Wi-Fi network for events, fairs.
  • Creation of Wi-Fi network pour company and individual customers.
  • Creation of Wi-Fi for exhibition and conferences
  • Creation of hotspots pour public places
  • Management of Wi-Fi network for individual customers, companies and exhibitions
  • Internet portal and Wi-Fi access with a management platform
  • Supply of short term Internet lines in all places

But the Internet needs are also:

Survey site and wiring

Voting system by Internet

Interactivity and communication with audience: quiz, questions, survey

Automatic counting system

Video surveillance by Internet

Connections way to social network on events.