Payment terminals

More than 80% of the transactions are executed by an electronic way. Having payment terminal will assure you to finalize more contracts, but also to avoid too much cash. Rentability and security will be meeting.

  • In resume, using a terminal is:
  • Faster
  • Cashless
  • More security

Short term renting

Connect on offers a short term renting for payment terminal. If you have the need of one device for a day, a weekend, a month for an event, we have the solution with delivery.

For the short-term renting, the payment passes through one of our account until the bill edition. Most of the time we do deduct the transaction expenses so as the renting price of the device when your money is send back on your account.

It’s important to know that with a request, we can activate the credit cards in plus of the Bancontact on our devices.

The long-term renting

Need a payment terminal for a long term?

We propose you long term contracts for your business and your recurrent activities.

The working of the renting isn’t the same as the short term one. Indeed, the money doesn’t arrive on one of our account but on the bank account of the leaser. He receives the money within 24 hours on his account.

Moreover, our attractive prices, we have a human and quality service.

Our team is at your disposal for any question and we will be pleased to advise you in a most adjusted solution for your needs.

Some of the advantages of our devices:

  • Belgian product
  • Closing accounts after midnight
  • Daily reporting by mail of your transaction
  • Faster payment

For an offer, contact us +32 4 267 65 65